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Niemann: I started playing a lot of soccer in school, but I also played golf.

Going into high school, I had to decide if I wanted to play golf or football, and I thought I’d have a better chance playing golf. When you’re 12 to 16 years old, it’s really just about maturing as a player and, obviously, as a person, too.

I was close to getting my card through the [exemption] starts, but I think it was kind of a blessing for me to not get it.

Thank you @thehondaclassicofficial for having me A post shared by Sam Burns (@samburns66) on Did you sleep the night before? But once we got out there, after a few holes, it’s kind of just another round of golf.

Burns, 22, and Niemann are waiting for another Tour young gun, Cameron Champ, 23, who’s lost somewhere on the Fairmont’s sprawling grounds. “I’ve literally got nowhere to be.”Life is good for these three. I’ve played a lot of practice rounds with him, including at the Masters. Another example was last week: Webb Simpson had some of the rookies over for dinner. It’s no big deal for them, but for us it means a lot. For us, we’re trying to make it our own way; to make ourselves unique. Champ: With media nowadays, they just want to stir things up at times. We’re from the same town and have been friends a while. Just asking him questions and being around him is helpful. Is there anyone you think your game compares to on the Tour? Burns: You grow up and play golf, and everyone is always trying to compare you to someone else. Burns: Yeah, they always want to compare you to someone else. How about the Tour compared to the PGA Tour — what are the biggest differences? It’s a year-long thing, so you get a full season under your belt. You’re not playing for your school, you’re playing for a lot more than that. Champ: Looking back on it, I think the Tour was a lot better for me and my preparation.

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