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You'll probably also need to do this every time a new patch is released.

I've have sometimes had this problem before where the download just stops or is just crawling. Otherwise try looking at Blizzards troubleshooting forums What does the download report as a warning/error? Try to look for an alternative way to get the download; if not, get a friend to get you the cached files.

And because previously we’ve learned on how to compile mangos obviously the next step would be setting up Mangos which is going to be covered in this guide :)World of Warcraft Client version 3.3.3 (11723) or the latest version that Mangos support as stated on Mangos project description here This guide is tested on Wo W 3.3.3a client, and as long as the Wo W client is supported by Mangos, it’ll work, although you might need to make some adjustment to several things listed in this guide, like the filename for example My SQLIf you currently don’t have My SQL installed on your computer, please follow my previous guide on how to install My SQL on Windows XP or how to install My SQL on Windows Vista or Windows 7Compiled Mangos Binary / Executable Check my previous mangos compile guide because without the binary / executable itself, you won’t be able to run your own Wo W private server.

The default setting for background and beta streaming is 100 kb/s.

After I did this it jumped to 15 Mb/S and downloaded in half an hour.

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