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Bonet-Maury, of Paris, has shown in the revision of this work, and the practical help which he has so often given to me. Vocal teaching in thes^ matters is not always available; and as it makes all the difference to the foreigner who has occasion to use a word, whether he is able to pro- nounce it so as to be understood, or wliether by mispronunciation he renders it impossible for the person to whom he speaks even to guess what he moans, the phonetic guidance given in these pages will often prove of value. Lead, and Tear, for instance, how can a Frenchman who is lieginning to learn the language tell what sound the ea may i-epresent when even an Englishman can by no possibility say on looking at Lead and Tear, whether they rhyme with ""de Hd" and "near," or "deed" and 'fair," unless he flrst ascertains whether they individually stand for Lead (the metal) or Lead (guidance) : or Tear (a rent in a fubric) or Tear, a tear-drop '.' On the other hand, it becomes impossible for a Frenchman to mistake in pronouncing either of these words when be finds given along with them, in brackets, tliu phonetic signs — line, ber, bite, ledd, lide, taire. sezor a in Salt as o in Sort : he will utter either of these words correctly enough. Ul ' INDICATIVE CONDITION SUBJUNCTI IMPERATIV :£ I .f 6 I ^ 2 ^ a S«i I- o S' = .«• o S =■ I 5 S-fa conseiller : donner =g avis : prevenir [strongly ) engager Ivn.) ,g deliberer | Be ed by me and ..., Je vous engage de ... ESTHET'ICS [& .3^ : time : time of life | a la fletir de : r , In the prime of life | D'un certain , No longer young | En de, Of an age to [ En bas , In infancy : of tender years | Entre deux s, Of middle age | Hors d' , Over age I Au moyen , In the middle ages (pi] ... Before ...'stime : prematurely | ^ Quel avez-vous ? to kneel (devant, before] AQENOUILL-OIR hassock AQENT--. ASP PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS ASS ASPIRANT* -E aspirant : candidate (a, for] _ ] de marine, Midshipman | Pompe e. if 'erous [au corame o dans sort] AURIFICATION" gold-stopping [of tooth] Aurifier' va. | Voile , Shoulder-of-mutton AUROCHS [_6-r6ks\ _ Lsail AURORE dawn : light | horeale, Aurora AUSCULTATION- _ [borealis Ausculter' va. briller [weather) s'eclaircir [pers) s'egayer : se derider Bri'(|'h Hv ad. rempli jusqu'aux bords: tout plein | Broad-brimme'd, nai-row-brim- me'd. [de, with] tout plein : debordant BRIM'STONE soufre (brut or en canon] Bi'in'dle-d a.

And if I wish further to remind myself of the fact that no individual wisdom is sufficient for a task needing the combined intelligence of many brains. To take the combination e a in the English words Bean. Tlie sound of the English terminal BOip UI •S o 5-^ 3 C [7] I. B _ 03^ I _ d AFFAIRES" solicitor : lawver | _ de CHANGE stockbroker | _ de POUCE policeman ange [a.) d'A : angelique AN'GER [agn-guetirj colere : courroux va. en colere : irriter [60] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. Etre endormi : dormir 1 ' To fall , S'endormir Aslo'pe ad. Suction- pump fexhauster ASPIRATEUR fan : ventilator [mac U. upon | S' , To attract each other : to obtain | S' Hne mauvaise affaire, To get into hot water Aftiser" va. timde'] AT-TOUCHEMENT- touch : feeling Aftractif-iw a. | Se faire , To ' get dropped on ' AT'TRAPEUR deceiver : hunter (de, after] [jeu) Aflrayanf -e a. toattrib'ute : to attach : to allot S' , To claim for o's AT'TRIBUT" _bute [a«f-ri-6io Mte] symbol Aftrlbutif -ive a. to auscultate AUSPICE _s (pi] [au comme o dans sorf] Aussl ad. also : too : likewise : so : accordingly : but then : and : therefore | riche que, As rich as | Pas riche que, Not so rich as | bien que. | J'aimerais , I would as soon | qu'il est en moi, As far as I am able I de pris sur I'ennemi. _teria] BACTERIOLOOIE _gy ENGLISH-FRENCH BAP B [bi\ B [bay\ [pencil) tendre et noir B. bachelier-es-Je Ures Wai | To take one's , Etre repu au baccalaureat baume : Bal'tic TIM'BER bois du nord [balsamine Bamboo'zle va. maudire : interdire BAN [6an»i] | BANS ban : bans de mariage BANA'NA banane [tree) bananier BAN'CO monnaie de bangtie /'BAND bande : lien : raie : ruban [ of music) miisique : orchestre [va.) bander I [vn.) se liguer \ Elastic , Elastique | of I HOPE, Sociele juvenite de temperance : la ' 'Li0ie de I'Espoir' | -BRAKE frein a ruban ■§ -MASTER chef de musigue § -SAW scie a ruban = -STAND kiosque I BANOS'MAN [pi. [va.) rosser | To the door, Fermer la porte bruyamment] To 'go at it,' Y aller carrement BAN'GLE bracelet indien : porte-bonheur s Ban'ish va. brillamment : clairement BRI'GHTNESS eclat : clarte : splendetir BRI'G'HT'S DISEASE maladie de Bright BRILL barbtie fvif eclat BRELL'IANCY [hril' -ye-nnce] eclat : brillant : Brill'iant [6ri Z'-ye-n»ite] a. tachete ^d'exhaustion BRINE ibrdinel saumiire \ PUMP pompe [106] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type; before verbs, Italic. to break : to dasli (contre, against] to break open, down, off : to bruise ; to split [plier) to fold | Table brisee, Folding table I le coeur a ..., To break ...'s heart | la ! 1 Se To break (etc.] to fold up BRISOIR crusher : breaker Ji RISQUK I 'Unevieille _,' An old soldier BKISURE [s, z] fracture ; fold : broken piece ISritannique a.

BAS"-FOND" flat : low ground [mer) shoal [ Les s [d'ttne ville] The slums BASILIC basil [serpent) basilisk BASILIQUE basilica BASIN" [sasz] Ds^ dimity Basique a. Quelles parties de la France ~b a-t-e He visitees ? Nous etions en train de rire | He has been play- ing with the cats, II a joue avec les chats | 100 I am leaving for ..., Je vais partir pour ... burning : hot ; fervent Loured BRULi burnt taste (ou smell] Sentir le _, To smell of burning [ BRULEMENT" Vjurning ' BRULE-GUEULE ' short pipe : cutty P Br Olo-pourpoinf | a , ad.

basic [s, f] BAS*-MAT" [hah-ma1i\ lower-mast BASQUE [e-teve-ye-nti] BATEAU boat [de voiture) body [fam) fashion | 'Monter un a.' To 'have ... [or, Je pars pour ...] He is sleeping, II dort I We were speaking of ..., Nous par- lions de ... Nous venous den parler | I am seeing 105 to it, Je men occupe [The infinitive is sometimes used with Etre a ...) They are always complaining, lis sont toujours a se plaindre FOLLOWED BY PAST PARTICIPLE 110 That is not to be despised, Cela nest pas o dedaigner | It is said. On dira | This prevented it being burned, Cela I'empecha d'etre brflle ["Very often the reflective verb is employed 115 in French, as : I am surprised that ..., Je m'etonne que ... right in one's face : suddenly : all at once [argument) direct Brfller' va.

to churn BARBACANE —bican : loop-hole BARBARASSE [*] stopper BARBARE [erbe occasion | Into the , Par-dessus .c le M I It's a ! ecorcer[vn.) aboyer (at, a, apres, contre] — ING aboiement(-s] [of trees) decortication BARK'-PIT fosse a tan BAR'LEY orge [masc when used with perle, carre, monde. is Guerre de seigneur a seigneur] BAR'ONET [bar'-e-ne-fi baronnet Baro'nial [rone-t/e-t] a. PARTICIPLE [Etre en train de, or the indicative present, 95 imperfect, or past def. murmuring BRUISSEMENT" rustling : murmur BRUIT" [pr.

seigneurial : de baron BARR'ACKS (pi] ire-ks} caserne (sing] BARR'ATRY [,t] baraterie BARR'EL Iba-re-t] baril [tar) ffonne [of pump) corps [of a clock) barillet [of a gun) canon [va.) embariller [road) bomber | — He'd a. to base : to ground (sur, on] Se basunt sur, Going by ... of the verb, or Aller, is used in French) He is reading, II est en train de lire | We were laughing. brrcee'] noise : roar : rumour ; report : 'to-do' : ' fuss '[metallique) clang [de cftatnes) clank [sec) click | a grand , Ostentatious- ly I Beaucoup de pour rien, Much ado about nothing | Faire du , To make a noise | a petit , Quietly | Le court, It is rum- Brfllanf-e a.

Vocal organs (pi] AP"PAREILL"AGE getting under sail : sailing AP'PAREILL-EMENT' matching : pairing Ap'parel U'er" va. rough : sour : harsh : gruff [-mf-ly] Apr6s" prep, after : next to : about lad.) after- wards : about (doing] Attendre , To be waiting for | Ci- , Presently : below | D' , According to | D'_ nature. In c8 g AQUARELLISTE painter in water-colours 3 &AQUARIUM _ le-koiie-ri-e-mni] Aquatique a. Avril] A'PRON [e-pre-nn'] tablier li,) contre^trave APSE" lapps'] abside Apt a. avec a-propos APT'NESS aptitude (for, a, pour] propriete A'QUAFOR'TIS eau-forte A'QUAMARI'NE aigtie-marine AQUA'RIUS [e-koueri-e-ssl [le) Verseau A'queous iek-oiii-e-ss'] a. Cobweb | ' Vne dans le plafond,' A ' bee in his bon- net' I de MER spider-crab : sea-spider ARANTELE, ARANTELLE, cobweb Araser" to. farming : agricultural ARAUCARIA [or-e-fte'ri-a, o dans sori] ARBALETE crossbow [4) Jacob's staff ARBAL^TRIER" principal (rafter] crossbow- nian : arbalister ARBITRAGE arbitration K3^ [com) selling out Arbitraire a. in an arbitrary manner : arbitrarily Arbitral -e a. by arbitration ARBITRE umpire : arbitrator | Libre , Free- Arborer" do. _s-_s] flying buttress : strut : prop [A) dolphin-striker Arc'-bouter* v. Brass wire ARCH-ANGE [ch, fc] _gel lark-endje-'l] ARCHE [pr. par le bras | -CHAIR fauteuil | -HOLE [of garment] emmanchure : entourmire \ -PIT Arm vn. nionter (une colline'i I remonter (un fleuve] s'elever ASCENT' ascension : e Uvatimi : montee i Ascertai'n va. (Table 24 and some- times as Table 30) to seat [ttne fondation) to lay [xne opinion, etc.) to base [des impots) to assess [tme dot : un gouvernement) to settle [un camp) to pitch [un cheval) to train | Faire , To ask ... qu'on peut atteindre ATTAIN'MENT [e-tene] acqiiis Uioti : Ulent S [pi] connaissances ATTEM'PT le-temmpte} [on, sur : to. | Avec , Attentively | Faire , To pay A (a, to] to mind Aftention'ne -e a. extenuating ATTENUATION- — : weakness : extenua- Aftenue -e a. to weaken : to reduce [utie faute) to extenuate | Pmir , In extenuation Afterrer" va. to land : to go ashore : to alight AT-TERRIS'SAGE landing : alighting : going asliore | Train d' , Ijiero] Landing gear ATTERRIS-SEMENT- alluvial deposit AT' TESTATION" — : testimony: testimonial Aftester" va. Fraudulent B BANQU-EROUTIER" -l ERE bankrupt BANQU-ET" _ ll Mgn-koiwtf] Banqu'eter* vn. 7S'B embroiderer Lment BROIE'MENT' pounding : crushing : breaking BROME bromine [hot) brome-grass Bromique a.

to match : to pair [pierres) to dress [vn., it) to set sail AP*PAREILL"EUR dresser [a gaz) gas-fitter Ap'paremmenf [em, am\ ad. to pair : to sort : to match AP-PARITEUR —tor : usher ANY ENGLISH-FRENCH APP An'yhow ad. omme tout I but, Rien moins que | else, Ati Zre chose | Worth' , De guelque w Ueur | Worth , [accent on an'ything] Sans prix | I have not asked — whatever of ANYBODY, Je n'ai absolument rien demande a personne An' ywhere ad. ic : water : watery AQU-EDUC —duct lak-oui-de-kte'] culvert Aqu'eux'-eitse a. — ine [kou W] Roman (nose] AQU'ILON" north wind : cold stormy wind ARA macaw : long-tailed parrot ARABE Arab llangue) Arabic Bsj [fig) Tartar: ' regular screw ' | Chifl'res s, Arabic figures ARABESQUE [* a.] _ Arabique o. aqueux fgamins AR'AB e I Street s, Petits va-nu-pieds : Ara'bian [_e-rebe-ye-nn\ a. to set up [pavilion) to hoist Lwi H Arborescent" -e a. Ecorcel _ COUD^ crank- shaft : crank | de TOUR mandril | MOTEUR driving-shaft | _ a NOYAU core- ARBRISSEAU, ARBUSTE shrub Lbar ARC O^ [amie) bow \constr.) arch [Note : Jeanne d' is pr. to buttress ARCEAU small arch : vault [croquet) hoop ARC-EN-CIEL [pi. arrsh] arch Da^ : arching aire : surface : itendue [front) devant (de maisonl cour en sous-sol Ar'gue Idrg Ti-yoii] v. Arisen] se lever : s'elever : resulter (from, de] ARK arche (,sainte\ Noah's , VA de Noe ARM bras [weapon) arme feo | in — , Bras dessus, bras dessous | To s I [soldiers] Aux armes! armer : s'armer (with, de] L'*'*'''*^'* AR'MATURE induit | -SPINDLE arbre d'l Arme"d a. s'assurer : s'uiformer (de, que] j se rendre compte de : constater j — MENT fixation (of, de] i Ascri'be le-skraibe] va. [of, de : to, de} ' honteux | I'o be , Avoir honte : rougir i ASH'LAR [£«-? f WMr] tentative : essai : effort [criminal) attentat | To be one's first , Etre son premier essai | To make the , Tenter le coup V. to banquet : to feast BANQUETTE bench : top : footpath [de wa- gon, etc.) seat [meuble) settee Ifort) BANQU'IER" banker | J'ai ... [ou, I bank at ...'s] BANQUISErls ASzi pack-ice BANQU-ISTE humbug BAP'TSME [pr. ic BROMURE bromide Ibro-mdidel BRI ENGLISH-FRENCH BRO Bring ixx. ers) to fall out: not to be on good terms Bi JOr7J£i.

a 4 «l oj Tu I ■ •» DICTIONARY OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH ENGLISH AND FRENCH COMPILED BY JOHN BELLOWS RKVISED AND ENLARGED BY HIS SON WILLIAM BELLOWS WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF Auou STK Marrot Gustav^k Fbiteau Of/Icier de V Inslruction Pii Uiqve, Professettr d' Anglais an Lycie Hoehe, Etc. ri"^HE present work has been designed to provide tlie student with the enlarged edition of J_ Bellows' "French and English Pocket Dictionary," for whicli he has long been asking.


Vn.— THE TRANSLATION OF ALL WORDS AND PHRASES GIVEN IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. Oermain 19 West Utii Street Paris New York 1919 All rights reserved.

apparently AP'PARENCE appearance : look | Avoir belle , To look well I Sur V , By appearances Ap'parenf-e a. de toute fagon : quand meme : en tout cas : vaille que vaille AN'YTHING quelque chose : rien : quoi que ce soit : n'importe quoi [ V. qiielqiie part : a un point quel- conque (on, sur] [negat.) nti Ue part \ else. — ic : Arabian Q/omme) arabic ARABISANT' [s, z] Arabic scholar APP ENGLISH-FRENCH ARB Apprehoftd' va. ete) approprier : affecter APPROPRIA'TION_[sum)credit:a JJocation g APPBO'VAXj approbation : od Msicm % Appro' ve va. arabe : A' Arabic \ The NIGHTS, Les mille et t^ne nuits AR'ABIC arabe [a.) arabe : arabique _ FIGURES chiffres arabes _ SOH'OLAR arabisant AR'Bn ER -TRESS arbitre A point (S°) means silent, or GN' LL* L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. ARBORICULTEUR —turist Ai JB0ft7CCi Tt;i J£_|ARB0USIER- arbutus ARBRE tree [axe) shaft | de haute futaie, Large forest tree | _. [from, of, de] argumenter : raisonner : discuter : conclure [maintain) pre- tendre | well for, Faire foi de | To stand arguing, Faire le raisonneur | AR'GUMENT : discussion : raisonnement | In support of his , a I'appui de sa these Argumen'tative a. attribuer (to, a] j ASH[tree)frene[burnt ma.tter) cendre.cendres \ I Bitter , Quassia | Mountain , Sorbier des oiseaux : frene sauvage | -BOX, -PIT , I -TRAY cendrier | — WEDNESDAY, Mer- i credi des Cendres ! essayer (a] tenter : tacher (to, de] [72] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. opposed : prejudicial AT'TENTE waiting : expectation : hope | Salle d' , Waiting-room | Dans V de. to attempt (a, ...] k la vie de ..., To attempt ...'s life Aftentif -ive a. fiat-tame] baptism [bapp'-tizzni] Nom de , Christian name | ' de I'air,' First ascent Bap'tiser' va. Ei J7£misunderstanding: confusion BROUILL-ON-'-i Vrj V^K blunderer [o.) blunder- ing I BROUILL' ON" rough draft : rough copy [livre) waste-book Brouir va.

Autre part : partout ailleurs fterder Apa'ce [e-pe'ce] ad. saisir : comprendre : arreter | To , [fear] ou be Apprehen'sive of, Ap- prehender : c'raindre APPREHEN'SION apprehension [of prisoner) arrestation | Serious , Vives inqicietitdes (pi APPREN'TICE apprenti feo Iva.) mettre en apprentissage | SHIP apprentissage | To serve an to ..., Faire son A chez ... prevenir : informer APPROA'CH' le-protche'] approclie : entree : acces (aupresde ...] rapprochement (vers ...] [place) abord [i).) approcher : s'a (to, de] APPROBA'TION approbation | On _, a con- dition [books) en communication Appro' prlate [pr. raisonne [pers) argumen- A'RIES [e-rize] le Belier Ltate""" Ari'ght [e-rdite\ ad. to baptize [bapp-tdi'ze] [fam) to christen [vin, etc.) to add water to Bap'lismal -e a. to nip [par le soleil) to burn BROUSSAILLES- briers (pi] brushwood Brouter" va.

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