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They came up with the concept of a ride which would include the therapeutic effects of riding a motorcycle aka, Motorcycle Therapy and create an adventure of a lifetime for wounded veterans.At the same time they would film the ride so the message could be shared with as many veterans as possible.Since 2015 we’ve taken over 65 veterans from all over the USA and from every branch of the military.We spend over a week riding America’s most beautiful roads, getting to know each other and helping each other with Motorcycle Therapy.Warren and I tend not to give one another large or extravagant presents ever.Birthdays, anniversary, Christmas: they tend to be celebrated in mood rather than in presents. Neither of us are much moved by tangible gifts and we tend to be frugal when it comes to one another.

Party down with great classic rock, R&B, blues, funk and modern country with this Missouri-based quartet. Common Law is a rock band based out of Rapid City/Box Elder.So when I unwrapped it (knowing which present it was) Christmas morning, I felt very much like Beth March, on the second Christmas in Little Women, who said "I'm so full of happiness, that, if Father was only here, I couldn't hold one drop more." It turns out there were drops yet to come.Warren had two large boxes under the tree with my name on them.I do not lust after jewelry, clothing, shoes, expensive kitchenware, and the like.In fact, early on in our courtship Warren sent me a note in which, looking at our respective financial positions and lack of luxury, he wrote: "You probably aren't going to get Europe, diamonds, many expensive meals or lots of shoes." And that was and is fine.

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