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Addressing the rumor, during an interview he shared that it was an honor to be offered a gay role as it was a great chance and challenge at the same time.

He expressed, "It was cool when they came to me with it, I was honored, flattered that they thought I could take on something like this and handle it in the way it's being written and what we shot so far is done very, very smart, very intelligent.

So while Tomi Lahren doesn't think that Black Lives Matter, she seems to believe that black penises sometimes matter behind closed doors... And should more more conservatives and liberals sit down for these kinds of conversations on TV? But watch the interview and then comment away below...

Because if he doesn't end up with that final rose, there will be plenty of people waiting and willing to scoop him up after the show.However, Trevor did not acknowledge Kerry as his girlfriend in public and had maintained silence regarding the matter, but Trevor has occasionally been spotted wrapping his arms around Kerry lovingly, that raises some suspicion.Caption: Trevor Donovan was lovingly wrapping his arms around Kerry Kennedy.On February 28, 2014, Mail Online reported Trevor Donovan’s close relationship with Kerry Kennedy who is 19 years junior to him, as Trevor was a great support to Kerry when she went through DUI ordeal in July 2012.Moreover, a family member of Kerry revealed Trevor and Kerry to be couple as per the statement that said, The couple Trevor and Kerry met when Trevor volunteered at an organization and they remain close since then.

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He wanted to get to know the real her, and that meant being with her through all the highs Tyler and Hannah's connection has only continued to grow stronger over time.

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