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This sets the stage for Robert’s first encounter with Lynn Tanner.

After having a crush on her, Robert starts dating Lynn soon after the party.

However, the relationship doesn’t last too long and the couple goes their separate ways.

This begs the question: what happened to the cast members of For some reason, people couldn’t get enough of Alf, the furry alien who ends up moving in with the Tanners.

Fran Drescher plays a lady who simply doesn’t like Alf and instructs Brian to cut ties with him. His presence was certainly felt as Danny Duckworth, the boyfriend of Lynn.

He also spent most of his time playing for his high school’s baseball team.

Although Alf helps Jake write romantic love letters to Laura, which actually end up working, they aren’t able to make their puppy love last.

Although Alf wasn’t always able to get out of the house due to the fact that he’s an alien, the writers found new and exciting ways to keep his story fresh.

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These include Living with your aunt and uncle can be a tough situation for any kid.

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