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No matter how smooth their courtship was, their marriage saw a lot of ups and downs.Post the marriage, there were rumours that Kajol did not get along with her in-laws well. Also, the couple had to face several media attacks.Ajay, often regarded as ‘camera shy’, wanted the marriage to be a private affair.He did not even hire professional photographers for the wedding, insisting that he would be the only one with the camera.Her workout regimen comprises of push-ups, squats, pilates, deadlift and western dance which helped her loose as much as 18 kg during the first 5 months of her fitness programme.She works with her trainer, targeting the fat areas in her body and the core muscle.

Kajol made her television show debut in the musical reality show Indian Idol as herself in 2004.

Therefore, the photographs were totally up, close and personal.

The newlyweds left for a two-month long honeymoon to Europe soon after their wedding.

Her workout session lasts for about 1½ to 2 hours daily.

She focuses on strength training to maintain her muscle mass.

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On the next episode of with Niranjan, Kajol gets straight to it, being her usual bindaas self, letting us in on a few things we didn’t know about the firecracker. Ironically, I was dating someone else at the time and used to often solicit relationship advice from Ajay!

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