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And when they arrive another person is killed and the head is taken.The policeman in charge decides to speak to the press about the murders which Jack says is not a good idea.she reads them out loud, translating from the French as she goes along; she reads the details of their different deaths, one with mutilation of the eyes, the other with decapitation. Same date, same file number, exactly the same age and date of birth for each victim (38 years old, although neither of them appeared to be that age and they were both born in 1985 as it states in the report in section Date of birth, which means that at the time of the death in 2015 as it is on both reports, they were 30, not 38 years old), and the entire description of each of the bodies was exactly the same. It was only the victim's names that were different and the doctors who preformed the autopsy.Mae's translation of the details of death written in French bore no relation whatsoever to what was written on any of the pages she was supposedly reading from.Asian and black men are consistently rated the worst by female users, but Asian men have a unique disadvantage: unlike other minorities, they’re not even the top pick for their female counterparts on the website. These trends seem to translate to movies and TV too.

In all likelihood, they never would have been greenlit by a big studio. v=CV_u FPEt DGY “We still really have to fight and create these characters and roles for ourselves because who else is going to do it for us? And it’s funny because that is the audience that I think big studios are always trying to target.Plenty of other Asian actors are making a place for themselves online too.Found this guy at an amazing event a few months back....When an American living in Paris is killed and her eyes taken, the team goes to investigate.

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If Hollywood won’t cast you and you’re not ready to pack up your bags and move to Asia, there is another option: the Internet. v=PMJI1Dw83Hc Eugene Lee Yang is a video producer at Buzz Feed.

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