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Likewise, California court's decision granted him a gender and name change. Long before the transition, the writer was in a relationship with his partner Jennifer Elia, a private tutor.

Their dating life had begun in 1999, and they were living together as partners.

The advocate is inspirational in the sense that he was unlike any other children who were around him.

By the age of 13, he had realized that he was not a normal kid as he knew he was gay.

Besides, he was also a lead singer in a band and cast in a movie named He studied law at the New York University.

As published by February 2016, the writer spoke about his unhealthy body and about the presence of dysphoria which added an extra pounds inside his body weighing him 75lbs.

We also hope he gets hooked with a new bee, who would love him for what he is and hope she would be a decent wife too.

We all are waiting for the man to get married and start his family soon.

Five years later, he opened up with his parents, and they accepted him without any hesitations.

The fact obsessed him so much that he could then no longer stay on the body which didn’t belong to him.

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As posted by NY Daily News on 17th October 2015, he said: Even though the lady in an interview, had accepted the fact of her fiance gender transition. But in reality looks like she could not intake the fact which might have turned her out to be more rebellious and anxious.

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