Who first found out that monica and chandler were dating

But if u watched the last episode u should know but if u didnt then here it goes; Ive watched the last episode a million times before so Joey buys Chandler and Monica (for there new house that they are moving 2) " Chick Junior" and " Duck Junior" but they get locked in…Monica and Chandler get married in the two part series seven finale.He is very late and arrives at the ceremony wearing his bloody uniform.They ask him to change so he buys clothes at the gift shop which is an all white ensemble as if he were at a golf resort."In the One with the Boob Job" Joey pays Chandler 00 to help Monica and Chandler out with rent, bills, etc.However, Joey also gave Monica 00 for the same reason, but when Chandler sees the check receipt in Joey's checkbook, Joey lies and says Monica is getting a boob job, leading to all sorts of mayhem and funny situations.

When they come back, they both mention that they saw Donald Trump waiting for an elevator.

Just as it starts, Joey comes into the room, sill in his bloody WWII uniform to marry Chandler and Monica.

If you mean the episode where Joey 'licks and puts' Chandlers spoon from his yogurt and Chandler freaks out, and they go on about how using the same toothbrush is not okay but using the same soap is, then it's 'The One Where Joey Moves Out'. Joey has only ever lived in the apartment across from Monica and another apartment whilst he is working on days of our lives(also a short period in the other apartment when the guys and girls swap) and Monica has never lived with him in these places.

don't know, but he dosent realize the walls of the apartment are purple!

Hahahahahahaha ^ No thats not what really happened.

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