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You are so bad at programming sometimes you wonder why you even bother with it. Stuck, if you will, in a sense which possibly borders on the titular. The clockwork of friendship turns ceaselessly, operating the swing-lever dealies of harassment in perpetuity! You don't think the situation is quite dire enough to go all the way to "RANCOROUS", but you still feel the PESTERCHUM client should reflect your mood change in some way. Ordinarily this ridiculous book would be way too heavy to carry around in any practical way. And now that your cards are packed with glass, you probably don't want to do that again any time soon. Much like the one held hostage briefly by Malkovich's Cyrus "The Virus" while taunting hard-luck protagonist Cameron Poe. You're relieved to have the house to yourself again, if only for a few minutes. You decorated your desktop with some rather handsome WALLPAPER which you made yourself. Your desktop is also littered with various PROGRAMMING PROJECT FILES. Sometimes you feel like you are trapped in this room. You decide to consult with the Colonel's bottomless wisdom. You are not sure you are ready to logjam your other ARTIFACTS beneath it just yet. kind abstrata pizzactrkind batkind rollpinkind plungerkind yoyokind scissorkind peprsprykind chainsawkind crowbarkind broomkind pokerkind icepickkind golfclubkind [hammerkind] jumpropekind shovelkind hatchetkind spoonkind statuekind spatulakind scrwdrvrkind bladekind pistolkind lampkind stungunkind ballkind rakekind plankkind glovekind forkkind canekind curlironkind chainkind knifekind tablelegkind shotgunkind needlekind peprmillkind dumbbellkind hckystckkind vacuumkind mopkind trophykind fncysntakind ladlekind cordkind ironkind sawkind cleaverkind iceskatekind wrenchkind umbrellakind plungerkind hosekind bookkind bustkind spadekind pipekind nailgunkind hairdyrkind lcrsstckkind thrwstarkind tongskind razorkind fireextkind branchkind bowlgpinkind bombkind woodwindkind staplerkind riflekind sandlstkkind paddlekind bowkind barbwirekind dartkind marblekind plierkind fireworkkind chiselkind aerosolkind shoekind pippetkind fankind brasskind rockkind scythekind Now that you've got some space in your SYLLADEX to work with, you figure you might as well start squandering it immediately. Your SYLLADEX rains devastation on your room from above. According to this NOTE OF AUTHENTICITY, it is the VERY SAME BUNNY. SBURB CLIENT SBURB version 0.0.1 Ⓒ SKAIANET SYSTEMS INCORPORATED. It looks like your DAD is leaving again for more baking supplies.

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Your SYLLADEX'S FETCH MODUS is currently dictated by the logic of a STACK DATA STRUCTURE. We never did watch Dark Knight on account of Ron truck- ing his bawling candy-ass girth to the hospital. But your DAD swears on the many HALLOWED TOMBS of Egypt that it is not. On the other wall is one of your DAD'S stupid clowns. It doesn't matter that it's April and not terribly chilly outside. Do you have a bothersome aunt who never seems troubled to find ways with your sunny afternoon hours? "When two great forces oppose each other, the victory will go to the one that knows how to yield." -Oscar Wilde Wise words by a man who likely could resist everything but temptation. You are going to need something to clean up the mess you are about to make by dissecting this CAKE. You then switch to the QUEUE MODUS so you can access the PDA. You set the ALCHEMITER to cast THREE (3) PERFECTLY GENERIC OBJECTS for some reason, expending a total of 6 units of BUILD GRIST. It is tempting because they strongly resemble Rockin' Blue Raspberry Gushers. Three of these are rather large machines, and one is a punch card.

You have a fondness for PARANORMAL LORE, and are an aspiring AMATEUR MAGICIAN. But this is probably unadvisable, since you'd just make your room lousy with smoke! It wasn't a long fall, but hey I guess a thumb bone wasn't made for supporting the brunt of a huge useless tool against wet grass. You always thought he looked a lot like Michael Cera. Bring those wriggling rascals to life, and set the nerves of some old maid to the wreck of Hesperus! And now he brandishes yet another ARTIFACT OF CONFECTION! You'd better brace for impact in the most comedically striking fashion possible. It is locked, and you are forbidden from ever entering. The film above that one is a lot better, you think. The additional useless freight pushes your PDA to the last card. The PDA is predictably jettisoned into the yard, over the neighbor's fence. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice there's something in the sky. You will find that you are allowed to deploy four items at no expense.

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