Vum updating windows computers

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Cresting an Alarm for one Inventory Item SBS LAB 34.

Create a VMware Standard Virtual Switch (v SS) 10.3.

Create separate network for non-management VMs (production) 10.5.

Not Authenticated2015-03-27T.346 [02136 info 'Stub[1]'] Resetting stub adapter for server : Closed2015-03-27T.332 [05200 warning 'Ufa'] Empty WSDL root, failing2015-03-27T.374 [05572 warning 'Ufa'] Empty WSDL root, failing2015-03-27T.592 [05572 warning 'Locale'] Resource module 'Health Service' not found. Use v Sphere Customization Specification (Sysprep) SBS LAB 56. Adding a disk to a mission critical Server SBS LAB 60. Prerequisites The VMware v Sphere 6.7 Datacenter Operations (DCO) is intended for IT professionals proficient in Windows and Server administration. Accessing your server with IPMI Remote Console SBS LAB 2.

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