Vba custom function not updating

In Excel and some other programming languages, the inputs are also called arguments.

For Example, VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table, index_num, [lookup_type]) has 3 required arguments and 1 optional argument.

Now you can create your first user defined function.

Let's try creating our simple successor function example.

With this user defined function you can tell if a file exists.

This function will take a file path as a text string (complete file name) and return TRUE if the file exists at the specified location and FALSE if it doesn't.

They allow a user to perform many types of operations such as time and date, financial, logical, lookup, statistical, or text calculations.

A function doesn't necessarily have to have numerical inputs and outputs. In the abstract sense, this is exactly what a function does! Last time I counted, there where 479 functions available in Excel. If you've used Excel for any amount of time, you're very likely to come across some of these.Start with an equal sign like when creating a regular Excel function.When you start to type out the name of the UDF, it will appear in the function intellisense list like all the other functions.These inputs determine the value that VLOOKUP will return as its result.With all these functions available in Excel, there still may be a time when none of them can do the calculation you want.

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The only way is to edit the comment then copy and paste the contents into Excel.

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