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We recommend that you don’t set the Focus Event Support property to True unless really necessary, because this setting adds overhead to the standard event dispatching process and might cause other minor annoyances.

To learn more about your VB6 applications, run VB6 Analyzer on your source code and send us the generated text file.

You can have as many error providers on a form as you wish, but I can only see a potential use for two.

You could have one with a yellow icon rather than red, for when a field is valid but could be better.

You can check, for example, if the text box is blank. Locate the Tab Index property for textbox1 and set it to 0. The Tab Index property refers to which control will be selected when the Tab key is pressed.The sequence is the same regardless of how the end user moves the input focus away from the control. NET controls fire these events in the same sequence only if end users move the input focus by means of the keyword; if they use the mouse, the control fires a Lost Focus event, then the Validating event, and – if the validation fails – another Got Focus event to let the application know that the focus is again on the control. NET programs created by VB Migration Partner follow the . In most cases, the fact that the Lost Focus event fires before the Validate event doesn’t affect the application negatively.For example, consider the following VB6 code: Private Sub Text1_Got Focus() Text1.Hovering the mouse over the error icon will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it.A very useful event you can use for text boxes is the Leave event.

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