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Mark Warschauer For the last six years, I have been investigating laptop programs throughout the U.

But making an impossibly cheap entertainment device for developing countries (for what else is a tablet but a handheld media-center?

As for home use of the laptops, children are initially very excited, but — again, apart from a few inspiring examples — they mainly use them to play simple games that do little else but displace time spent on homework or other forms of play.

Within a year or two, the machines start breaking down and most families lack the means to repair them.

Certainly not a functional computer or Microsoft’s earlier tablet PC efforts would have been successful) is not the only mission of the OLPC group.

Negroponte told Engadget that there will be an OLPC 1.5 appearing in January, a 0 update to the current hardware, and an OLPC 1.75 in 2011, which will make good on the dual-screen promise first teased in May this year.

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