Updating the garmin nuvi 255w

Should you opt for a newer model, consider a manufacturer refurbished unit with a one year warranty. The GPS Store is also offering the 2597LMT for 0 The device provides the user with step-by-step directions to arrive at their desired location using GPS. You no longer need to depend upon the lanes and signboards for indicating a specific location.The lane assist gives me plenty of time to be in the right lane without have to stare constantly at the unit.

My suggestion is therefore for you to compare adding lifetime map updates to your current GPS--good if you plan to keep and use it for maybe 2 more years --or-- to buy a newer, more full-featured GPS (with things like Lane Assist and Junction View) that is purchased with lifetime maps.If you want a new unit, a 1350 with map updates will set you back about 0.You might want to go to Garmin's website and do a feature comparison based on what you want to get out of the device, rather than relying on subjective input from us. the 755t has most of the new features and I prefer it but the 255w is still a very good dependable unit. Being deaf in one ear and losses in the other its difficult for me to rely on the voice prompts.As Craig W pointed out, if you do decide to update your 255, skip the one time option and spend the extra for the lifetime update.If nothing else, it will increase the value should you decide to sell the unit. Or add the lifetime traffic feature of the 2595LMT for 2

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