Updating old kitchen

But the bigger impact was in planking the back of the peninsula with white planks (check out my tips for this here! If you don’t want to remove cabinets to tone down the wood, you could always paint just a select few.Upper cabinets take a lot less abuse than base cabinets, and therefore a new paint job will last longer.If you like the layout of your kitchen and your cabinets are in good shape, updating old cabinets can be done by simply replacing the doors.In this kitchen, I replaced the old doors with new doors using a hidden hinge, also known as a European hinge.If you do have a window, make sure it’s getting its due.If you have upper cabinets suffocating it, as I did, think about possibly moving or removing them – at least those closest to the window.Embrace the wood look and pick a paint color accordingly.

They are trending back in, and that makes it so much easier to update the kitchen without a complete overhaul on your cabinets.In my kitchen, I was able to replace one set with shelves, and swap out the cabinet on the other side to allow the window some breathing room.If you’re still not digging the idea of so much wood in the kitchen, look for easy ways to tone it down.IKEA sells premade countertops that range from to 0 for an 8 foot length.A simple white would look awesome with the warm wood cabinets.

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Not only do simple and classic, by definition, have more staying power from a style perspective, but they are also budget friendly! Amazon, Target and Lowe’s all have awesome budget-friendly but stylish options. In my kitchen, I made light fixtures with wooden accents, which made the cabinets feel like a choice rather than what I was stuck with.

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