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You can differentiate it from the older Google Search Appliances by its square LCD.The older version had an LCD with rounded corners and was based on a Dell 2950.Dictionaries enable entity recognition to annotate entities, that is, to discover specific entities in the content and annotate them as entities.Generally, with dictionaries, you define a simple entity with lists of terms and regular expressions.For more information about this topic, see "Use Case: Matching URLs for Dynamic Navigation," in Administering Crawl: Advanced Topics.

The newer Google Search Appliances are Dell R710 Power Edge servers.

After you create a dictionary, you can upload it to the search appliance as described in "Adding New Entities or Updating Existing Entities." In addition to adding new entities or updating existing entities, you can perform the following tasks: A dictionary in format contains an entity term on each line.

Terms can be formed by several words separated by spaces.

You must define each entity by at least one dictionary, which contains one or more terms.

For example, the entity "Capital" might be defined by a dictionary that contains a list of country capitals: Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Accra, Addis Ababa, and so on.

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