Updating data from one table to another in sql sex dating rapidshare

) and the first row was already copied in yesterday's execution of the procedure but the second was only added today (the query above will skip copying the second row).

CLAIM_SETTLED_AMT_2017_2018=b.[FINAL PROCESSED AMT] from [dbo].[AMC_SETTAMT_15_19] a right join AMC_SETTAMT_17_18 b on a.

I have two databases database 1 and database 2, and both are similar tables and columns I have deleted 10 records from database1.employee table Now i need to copy the data from database2.employee to the first table How can i do it.

___________________________EDIT________________________ https://stackoverflow.com/a/707668/842644 this one helped. It is possible that not every server supports update-join notation.

The values in column 4 & 5 are dynamic (ie not the same each time) background on the table.

every 8 rows are grouped together (by an action_id ascending) to another entity in another table (but the other table isnt needed for this task) for example i need to move the SMS & L1 to the row above and blank out the row where action_id = 839284 this will repeat multiple times.

Database1 (Test1) is the latest, and database2 (Test2) is an old copy of the database.

I would also recommend you use an auto incrementing integer as the key you use to map between the 2 tables.

I have two tables in different databases on the same database server.

If you have an identity column in the transaction table I would use that as your test.

Something like this: INSERT INTO [BDID_BI].[dbo].[Transaction] SELECT B.* FROM [BDID].[dbo].[hl_transaction] as B LEFT JOIN [BDID_BI].[dbo].[Transaction] AS B_BI ON B.primary Key = B_BI.primary Key WHERE B_BI.primary Key IS NULL; , what is the type of the column?

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