Updating and refreshing cube data 2016

if copied to a local drive and the same steps are performed, it saves fine.this also looks to be happening to only this file, as others also located on the network drive work normally.I first noticed it with tables that loaded from Power Query; I also tested using only Power Pivot and have the same issue. We’re trying to get a reproducible case to isolate the problem. Lauren, you seem to be able to have a repeatable case. Can you (or anyone else that’s able to run into this) please drop a note to me so we can take a look? There are times when you have to review and update the configurations in order to make it work. I’ll cover some of my experiences related to issues and fixes in working with the Share Point Excel Services in this publication. Validate Connection: Unable to get a connection: Microsoft. we have a user here that's having issues with a pretty small Excel file when adding something as simple as two new columns and hitting the refresh button.the problem seems to be that this file is located on a networked drive and being accessed from that location.

Do you really mean *refresh*, as in it re-querying the pivot's data source (in which case I think Nancy's suggestion should work).Some of these files are big files that get copied over from month to month, with complex data models, but a couple of them have been brand new models, with something as simple as a data model with just a couple of tables, a couple of calculated fields or columns, and a bunch of pivot tables build off the model. In other versions of Excel I had a similar problem when using Power Query and changing data types or changing column names or changing table names in the data model or source data, instead of making these changes in Power Query. Hi, Tom, Although some of the tables in some of the models fed by Power Query, this isn’t the same issue you describe.(I have, however, experienced that one on several occasions in the past, and it was not fun, either.) Thanks.Not sure if you have a similar option available to you. I have used the Wizard, and this is very helpful, but I need to drill down into the dimentions table of the olap cube - this is what takes the time & crashes my machine!!! I have a recurring issue, in Excel 2016 Preview, across various files and data models, where I will lose the Power Pivot data model connection (or possibly lose the data model completely) that was previously working fine.

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