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However, it took authorities almost eight months to gather enough evidence to officially charge Boswell and Trail.The pair, who lived together in Wilber, Nebraska, about 40 miles southwest of Lincoln, fled the area once police tracked the last GPS coordinates of Loofe’s cell phone to a cellular tower near their apartment in Wilber, Nebraska.

But part of safe dating is understanding that how the information you put out to represent you can also be used to research you.“It doesn’t necessarily matter how much information you give to a person at first,” he says.“I think an important part of using these social-media dating apps is understanding how easily the information you put out there can be used to research you.With police on their tail, Boswell and Grail began uploading a bizarre series of crass videos onto social media, insisting they were innocent, and that the police were trying to “crucify” them and that they were “chasing them around like dogs.” Boswell even admitted to having been with with Loofe the night of her disappearance, as well as their previous date the night before, yet insisted that although they’d “hit it off,” she “hadn’t seen her since.” Federal agents eventually found Loofe and Trail in a hotel near Branson, Missouri on November 30th, and brought them back to Nebraska on an unrelated fraud indictment.With the suspects in custody, police found an additional, disturbing clue: footage of Boswell and Trail inside a Home Depot in Lincoln, Nebraska on November 15th.

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