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Even the arguments seem neat and clean, with well-defined in and out points.

Sometimes it is shot like a film, sometimes (with awkward stage-like blocking), it is shot like a play being filmed in a theater proscenium.

Mariah Carey had also been cast but pulled out at the last minute for “medical reasons.” Mr.

Perry said actress Thandie Newton will replace her in the film, scheduled to be release sometime in 2011.

He's younger than Janet, taller than Janet and far richer than Janet. For the first time in Janet's life, she's with a man who pays for everything. Jackson looks like her brother because thats usually what siblings do. Tyler Perry is at the top of his game PLAY ON PLAYER!

Unfortunately, this type of sloppy exposition abounds throughout.

Realism and subtly take a vacation on this one, however, it's still a pleasant, if overly-simplistic, morality tale that's likable enough.

Secondly she looks beautiful and damn it she is in her 40's looking 29 WTF. May God continue to bless him and he share those blessings. I don't like that haircut on Janet :( That said, I don't believe that In Touch quote. Are some of you people smokin crack or are u just that dumb that u don't get it?!?!?!?!? but still fab i like the short hair im not rally a fan of this wig tho...far as tyler perry I really really really really hope he does this book justice cuz if he doesnt i will never forgive him we did a paly rendtion of tht book in college and tht was one of my first monlouges i perfromed please tyler do not mess up such an inspiring novel !!!!

Since when did Janet look for money when it came to her significant others? I swear I'll be sending all kinds of hate mail to Tyler Perry if he effs this piece of work up.

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