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Or I’ll say, ‘Oh I was working with this youth person and they’re trans,’ and then I can segue into saying that I’m trans, too.

I feel the person out about it, and I do that quickly.

As demand for Mermaids services is on a steep upward trajectory, our plan is to employ additional staff members to enable us to increase services such as residential weekends, a peer mentoring scheme for new members, more local groups for both parents, children and teens, and to encourage and manage volunteer engagement from within the community.

If you are interested in helping us to achieve those goals, and would like to donate to support Mermaids and the work we do, please click here.

I’m confident about being trans, and my philosophy about dating as a trans woman is I bring up my trans status as soon as possible.

And sometimes it will be as simple as mentioning, ‘Oh I just got off a Lifeline call.’ Because I was a volunteer coordinator for them.

In turn, these families and young people are educating the professionals that they are encountering.

So they’re already into queer circles, and there’s a lot less exposition that I have to do about what trans is.It’s when I’m dating guys, the majority of whom are straight, that I have to give that exposition.So there is a gender bias, but it comes from the fact that one population is usually in the queer community, and the other isn’t.Our funding is limited and we receive no statutory grants, and the issue for holding more weekends is not just the actual cost of each weekend but the administrative burden involved with each weekend.We have to arrange speakers and workshops, plan accommodation, sort catering and any travel needs, plan for kids activities so parents and teens can attend workshops knowing their younger children are safe and occupied, get arts and craft supplies, carry out risk assessments, check insurance, manage waiting lists and applications, create registers and email information and updates to all.

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