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Under Federal law, tire manufacturers are required to brand standardized information onto the sidewalls of all tires sold in the United States.

This includes details about the tire's basic characteristics, construction, various capacities (load, speed, inflation pressure, etc.), as well as the DOT (Department of Transportation) Tire Identification Number.

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in which the first two letters designate where the tire was manufactured.

I am about to replace my tires due to sidewall cracking. So for example if it was 2314 that means that tire was made in the 23rd week of 2014.

Could you tell me the DOT information on the AM10501 that you sell, perhaps the oldest manufacturing date I should expect to receive when I purchase them from you? There isn't a difference between a tire sitting on the shelf that is 1 year old and the one next to it that is 1-1/2 or 2 years old.

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