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Hy Jl Mm UNKAHD The Associated Press WASHINGTON Filihustorlng farm-.stafe .senators failed Thursday to reach agreement with the Reagan administration on improved credit aid for the nation’s farmers, while the president promised “we won’t pull the rug out'' from under financially ailing producers.

The Senate Democratic Caucus unanimously rejected an attempt to selllc the credit issue and end a two- day filibuster that has blocked con- firmation of Edwin Meese as attorney general and held up a billion higtjway bill.

Subsequent negotiations failed to revive tbe compromise, and filibuster leaders vowed to talk on. Several Senate Republicans, including Majority l.eador Robert Dole, R-Kan„ were urging tbe ad- ministration to Implement Its earlier offer witliout Democratic agreement in an atlempt to away the ~pottticaliidvant5g(r • “It leaves them (the Democrats) standing out there naked,’’ Dole said.

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