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These people have over 3,000 hours of footage to cram into 13 one-hour episodes. What’s it like being the show’s first trans person? I figured if I could destigmatize the word , if I could normalize it, that’s my goal. I look at a lot of my housemates as representatives of a demographic. You have to be on your guard; everything is on the record. Some of the people that wrote the meanest, most derogatory things were the people who were like, “Ohhh, this is so great.” And even came back for a party last night to honor everyone who helped put the show together, and they had just written and posted this blog about us that was so demeaning, and then they came here! Did you do anything on the show that will piss off your boyfriend? If you really love someone, you can keep it in your pants for three months. Well, I think everybody has worries, and I don’t think it’s necessarily because I’m a Mormon. ” And I’m like, “Yeah, well, I actually do love boobies, even though this is for breast cancer.” Can’t lie about liking boobs.="small"] Um, I tried to train ’em. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, so I came here for the family I’ve never had.

Or at least that’s what they were supposed to be fighting for.I use that as an opportunity to educate demographics I’d otherwise never be able to reach. Are you surprised that the media hasn’t been that kind to you and the roommates? But yeah, you’d get into a little trouble if you went into a more Christian environment [wearing it]. When you work at Sea World you meet a lot of celebrities.

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I don’t want that attention when I’m at a club meeting people. The people who are actually from here don’t ever do that.

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