Taylor swift and taylor lautner dating confirmed

And he knows if their romance is to have a chance, he's got to stay in her mom's good graces," continues the insider, who is quick to add, "Taylor is breathing a huge sigh of relief because he's gotten the seal of approval from Andrea Swift." Billed to star as lovers in upcoming comedy-romance flick "Valentine's Day", Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have fueled dating rumors as they are often spotted spending time together and acting like a couple.

At the time of writing, none of them has officially confirmed the nature of their relationship though.

The two never confirmed or denied a relationship, but it appeared to be over in summer of 2017.

Most people don't think Taylor and Kristen are together. It has been actually confirmed in numerous magazines that Kristen Stewart is dating Robert Pattinson, her co-star. Kristen is dating Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward. Taylor was dating Kristen steward before but now he is dating Kayla Johnson she is a pretty blonde and loves soccer he best friends are Lily burrell and Meagan flowers Kayla lives in Quebec Montreal and Taylor visites her and her friend very often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back in 2009, he was briefly coupled up with Taylor Swift, and the two even made out on camera in the movie Tune Squad; she’s smiling and he’s kissing her cheek.

FYI: Swift is wearing head-to-toe American Eagle: crochet trim tank, braided band skirt and skinny braided lurez belt. IS SHE DOING AN EXORCISM MOVE LOL Taylor Swift makes her debut as the modern “flapper” in the May 2010 issue of Vogue (Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover). “The song ‘Back to December’ is an apology in the form of a song,” the country star, 20, says in a new special, Taylor Swift: Speak Now, airing Thursday night on NBC. Then after the 2 were cast we began getting pictures of them onset WTF IS SHE DOING LOL And then about 2 months later he presented her the best female music video award at the VMAS in September 2009 But then, in October 2009 they were first spotted on their 1st official date WHY YOU HIDIN TAYLOR L?That same month they were confirmed as a couple: People Magazine Outs Taylor Squared’s Love Story Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are officially dating, according to People Magazine.The mag lists Lautner as Swift‘s current “boyfriend.” Reps for both Taylors wouldn’t return comment.Swift, 19, and Lautner, 17, attended a hockey game together in L. on Sunday and had dinner with Swift‘s mom on Monday.

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