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But the second I graduated, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I felt so happy to spend an easy summer with him. I had a pretty serious relationship in college — he would bring up conversations about marriage and kids.

We even made it through a whole year of long distance the following year when I lived in Paris. But I knew it wouldn't or shouldn't last past graduation because every time I thought about us having a future like that together, I felt lonely and trapped.

This article was co-authored by Sarah Schewitz, Psy D.

Sarah Schewitz, Psy D is a psychologist with over 10 years of experience helping couples and individuals improve and change their patterns in love and relationships.

One of these women said that she always knew her boyfriend was "the one," while another told me she and her boyfriend made it past college, but ultimately broke up.

One woman ended up married to her long-time boyfriend, which is pretty much the definition of a success story.

That was obviously a — Madison, 25*If there's one common message among each of these stories, it's that you should be independent, even if you're in a relationship.

So deep down I was scared he would go back on all his promises out of fear. We started laying out concrete plans for our life in New York and that’s when I really knew that we were going to make it. I knew we would keep dating after we graduated because we were comfortable being independent.Having a relationship where we felt connected enough to not be literally connected 100% of the time, and had the space to grow into our own without being dependent or attached, felt both mature and sustainable — and post-college, it was a really easy transition to a working-life relationship.We're lucky that we both found jobs in New York and could move in together the month after graduation, but we would have made it work if our dreams took us in different directions. To help you absorb the culture shock, here are the key tips you'll need to prepare you for this new reality. Dating in the real world is a bit—OK, WAY—different from dating in college. The rules change the moment you hand in the keys to your dorm room.

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Being in a LDR, we prioritized communication, but we didn't need to be texting/calling/Face Timing 24/7.

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