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Famous Hispanics Game and Research Project This is a PPT presentation based on the game, “20 Clues”.Students read each clue in Spanish and try to guess the famous person. The student with the first correct guess gets to read and click the next set of clues.Are you a newer teacher who could use some guidance and Spanish lesson plans from a veteran teacher?Are you teaching multiple levels of Spanish classes at once (3-5 preps)?Re-energize your class by: designing paper T-shirts, enjoying authentic food at your own language cafe, playing classroom sports, singing songs, writing fairy tales, and reviewing verbs and vocabulary with fun games.Your students will learn a ton, but won’t even notice because they’ll be having such a blast.

Preterite Imperfect Bundle These two tenses are perhaps the trickiest topic to teach in Spanish. Use the PPT slides to teach formation and usage, as well as for practice activities.

Day of the Dead Bundle My favorite Hispanic holiday!

Colorful PPT presentation, video clips, song with activities, crafts, make your own memorials, word wall words, skull mini books, etc.

Students learn when to use subjunctive or indicative the best when they use them in context.

This 2-3 week unit will walk you through each step of teaching this tense.

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Includes: formation guides, speaking activities, games, quizzes, tests, Internet activities, songs, memes, etc.

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