Smart women intimidating

Many guys hate that because it makes them feel like they’re not in control, and it also spoils the chase that many of them enjoy so much.We want more than the bare minimum and we expect them to work for our attention.We need a guy who can use his brain, not just a hot body for sex.

Just because we’re smart enough to take care of ourselves doesn’t mean we don’t need love in our lives.We have ambitions and dream big, which is a dealbreaker for some men. We’ll never be truly happy being housewives or stay-at-home moms with nothing else going on in our lives.We have a lot of imagination and we’re usually looking for unique and unconventional things in life.As intelligent women, most of us have experienced some or all of these dating situations, most likely more than once: We make guys feel like we can see right through them. We’re not easily impressed when a guy shows off or tries to overplay his life achievements.Without even saying it out loud to him, he gets the message that we’re not buying any of it.

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We don’t come across as fragile or vulnerable, even though deep down we might be on some levels.

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