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He said he saw her at the gym and he messaged her on twitter and they are just getting to know each other. So that day i decided to stop talking to him because it only hurts me to be friends while he talks to other girls...

a week later i gave in and texted him "I miss you" and he said "hey how you been I miss you too" we had a short convo and i asked about his new friend and he said " we still talk but nothing serious" ...maybe three days later he texts me saying "hey I have exciting news!! Then he texted me Saturday and Sunday (to let me know about football tryouts) we texted for a while sunday and he said "i am so happy because I am finding things about myself and we are in peace" I asked is she making you happy?

In seguito completò il suo corso e si laureò in teatro e recitazione alla East Carolina University.

Passò parecchio tempo a Salisburgo e a Norimberga con la zia e la nonna materne, periodo durante il quale imparò perfettamente il tedesco.

He said I showed him what true love is and without me he wouldn't be this nice person. He was usually the one texting me every day and night saying good morning and goodnight we will text every day since we broke up (about two years ago).

He has been saying that he wants to start a new chapter that he wants to meet new girls and see what is out there because i have been his only girlfriend and he doesn't feel that spark with me anymore.

We were about 16 when we started dating but I am a little older a few months older than him and when we dated I was a JR in High School and he was a freshman or sophomore.Sometimes I even thought he loved me more than I loved him. Obviously not everything was perfect we both had our share of mistakes.Nothing to serious tho I never cheated and he never cheated but there was jealousy.and he said he is trying to not let her give up and telling her to be strong (they are just friends)...i told him that i will be praying for her and to think positive..said thank you for being really caring and thank you for everything... Idk but I'm a complete mess and feel sick when i think of him texting her everyday when he use to text me everyday.i ended the conversation...i couldn't help but to think that he is in the process of falling for her.. i feel like he is replacing me and i feel he cares more for her than with me. I am confused sometimes i think he might love me and not know it because i never gave him the chance to miss me...

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