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NYC ranks worse than Fargo, North Dakota for finding love, the rom com and love song are shadows of their former selves, and swiping has devolved from a dopamine rush-inducing novelty to a yawn. Whether you’re on the prowl for an ambitious finance chick, a C-list musician, a jobless stand-up comic, or someone as over this recurring cast of NYC stock characters as you are, there is a bar to suit your needs.

Apathy and disconnectedness run rampant in this metropolis. Flock to your choice of glittering rooftops, laid back dives, and hot, sweaty dance floors to meet your match. Lighting up the dance floor is a surefire way to entice a suitor or three, especially in New York where not too long ago shaking and shimmying was taboo most everywhere.

Whether you’re looking for love in the local music scene or you’re powerless against Ludlow Street’s Bermuda Triangle-like party pull, there are worse places to be than Pianos.

Dancefloor playlists are made to move you, and the overflowing crowd magically transforms from bug to feature when you’re scoping out prospective future exes.

Dating apps be damned -- when it comes to love and sex, a cold and calculated algorithm can’t compete with the grand, mysterious power of .

The whimsical cocktail list includes a rotating zodiac special: It’s a mix of cucumber infused Tito’s, St.

Start your night with Puerto Rican lasagna and juicy white sangria.

This hookup bar is so hyper-aware that it’s a hookup bar it’s as close as you’ll get to Tinder IRL. We do singles parties for all major occasions, such as New Years, 4th of July, Memorial Day Weekend, etc, and in the summer we have singles boat cruises around Manhattan. Along with speed dating, our singles parties are a lot of fun.You’ll have to endure long lines before making your way to in-house carbonated cocktails and your shot at a spot with the in-crowd, but the 360-degree skyline views from a pair of terraces that deck the 15th floor of the Hotel Indigo are an ideal backdrop for romance.Once you’ve made it up to the LES nightlife hub, find a seat on a swanky couch right around sunset, and the odds of meeting a charming quarter-lifer sporting teeny sunglasses will be in your favor.

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Judy and Punch is a casual neighborhood bar with a welcoming and social atmosphere, a robust rotating draft list sans snobbery, likeable bartenders, generous pours, and even free, buttery popcorn that evokes notions of brushing hands in the movie theater.

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