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When the Royal Navy left on 12 December 1971, the Far East Fleet Clearance Diving Team was replaced by the SAF Diving Centre which comprised a small group of local divers tasked to look after the naval assets belonging to the then Maritime Command.

In 1975, the SAF Diving Centre became officially known as the Naval Diving Unit.

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The selected few will then undergo a battery of tests that include water confidence in a chamber and psychological evaluation.The Naval Diving Unit (NDU) is a special forces unit of the Republic of Singapore Navy, and is regularly tasked with salvage operations, underwater mine demolition, commando and frogman-type warfare.The Naval Diving Unit (NDU) began with the British government's directive to withdraw her forces east of the Suez in 1971.Once the course is over, trainees split into their various career paths, the Specialist Career Path and the Officer Career Path.In the Specialist Career Path, trainees will go through Combat Advanced Skills Training for a month, training in basic land combat and building up physical fitness.

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