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Shenmue 3 is Suzukis first step to breaking free from the dog-house that Sega put him in after the failure of Shenmue 2.Suzuki sits down with us and discusses his legacy, his current project, and his ambitions for the future.The game was meant to be out this year, but even the vertical slice of the single player (Squadron 42) hasn't been released yet, and there is no "solid" release date in site.This is the biggest issue, as they did state a release date in their original kickstarter, and now, due to the 5 Million raised, they are adding more and more and pushing the release.This kind of thing cannot happen with Shenmue because YS Net have never stated a specific release date.Christmas Season of 2017 is merely a possibile time frame they are trying to maintain as of right now but YS Net have made it very clear their top priority is making a great game and the time schedule therefore might be adapted to their needs in the future.In fact, the name Yu Suzuki has become so synonymous with Shenmue, the two are often spoken within the same breath.

The biggest thing with Star Citizen is the fact that there has been a lot of "feature creep".) so please understand the schedule may change as the project evolves.Frequent updates will be posted on the Update page.Saying that, they have released A LOT of stuff that you can play now.These modules contain small portions of the game, that eventually will be put together, in a seamless effort to make the full game.

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