I’m going for a lie-down as my blood pressure’s up. Albania - Lepurush Village - Selman Brahim has been living as a man for 40 years after the family's eldest son died.In the Albanian tradition of the Avowed Virgin (' Virgjineshe' or ' Sworn Virgins'), authorised by the Kanun of Lek (an ancient system of laws) she/he now leads the family as a man.

Albania - Thethi - Pashke Sokol Ndocaj sits with the men and a female neighbour in their village.A dangerous remark that even if true does nothing to answer the charge that Pakistan is actually at war with itself.The so-called Pakistani Taleban funded by Wahabi and other conservative sects (the same groups conveniently used by the Pakistani army in the 1990s to attack Indian troops in Kashmir) are the likely culprits for this and the recent attack on the Ahmadiyya community.Albania - Thethi - The ' Accursed Mountains of Northern Albania.The harsh and unforgiving landscape of hills is renown for outlaws and bandits and is mentioned by the explorer Edith Durham in her seminal work "High Albania" (1909).

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I remember Neil Burgess several years ago bravely saying that it was now impossible to fairly judge the World Press Photo as there were just so many entries and it was clear that people were shooting certain types of stories that were dramatic and would stand a greater chance of winning.

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