Sebastian dating game grounds for invalidating a patent

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Game has hidden hairstyle and outfit, so feel free to click on Sebastian's hair and one of the prefect uniforms, to reveal them, hehe.

He pulls on his cigarette a few times, and then asks what you think of the city.

You have four options, one of which is telling him to quit smoking.

Otherwise, he admits that he's never felt this way about other guys, but that you're different.

You see Sebastian working on a motorcycle in the garage at his house.

He explains that it belongs to him and sometimes he goes for long rides alone far away from Stardew Valley.

It is hinted he may have a crush on Abigail, after Sam tells the player Sebastian really wanted Abigail to be their drummer "for some reason".

Furthermore, if married to Maru, she may sometimes say she "wishes her brother would just ask Abigail out".

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