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Exploiting the nature of the female mind isn’t normally my style, but quite frankly I am fed up with the way that certain women portray themselves. People are more likely to bone on the first date than they are to commit to buying a pair of jeans.Years of listening to females pine over a guy with the IQ of a tortoise has led me to plenty of wine-induced comas, but also to the realization that I’d get more action than any of you all (that is, if I had a penis).HINT HINT: If she isn’t comfortable or is frozen with that initial, friendly, non-sexual touching, RUN. What personality traits must be there in her for you to want to move forward?Can you mentally rehearse getting up from the table, smiling, shaking your head and saying, “No way” and just walking out the door, feeling 10 feet tall and humming out loud, “ANCHORS AWAY, MY BOYS! ” and standards even if you currently don’t and your dick for the past ten years has been dry as nun’s pussy in the Sahara desert! On Friday, September 20 you will have the chance to claim, among many other courses-within-a-course of the Rapid and Total Success With Women system, my “Sexual Aggression Mastery” curriculum that covers this subject in far greater detail.Be the guy who opens her car door, lets her settle into her seat and closes the door gently.This simple act will make her swoon and, inevitably, end up in your favor.

I appreciate that conversation isn’t important given the true issue at hand, but do you think Frank Sinatra and James Dean got laid by grabbing every ass that crossed their paths? Faking chivalry is like faking an orgasm — everybody wins.

Giving up this information is my personal peace treaty to males in exchange for the few broken hearts and very damaged egos I caused in the last decade. So, guys, just follow these 5 basic instructions and you will get laid. Even the teenyboppers are over the games, so why are you still doing it?

Flirting with their friend or playing hard to get will not seal the deal, especially if we’re talking about winning a girl over in the midst of happy hour.

I understand being aloof is built into your male DNA, but if you actually make a girl feel like you WANT to be spend your Wednesday night listening to her talk about her Instagram while she’s chugging a house Chard, you will win, my friend.

A classy girl’s rule of thumb consists of accentuating ONE of her following assets: boobs, ass or stomach… While picking out the random you want to bang at closing time, go for the hat trick.

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  1. The housemates take issue with Chet's pranks, but when J. A trip to a gay bar proves interesting for Chet and Ryan. Devyn and Scott, who regard each other as " BFF "'s, express their mutual attraction through flirting, but Devin is frustrated by what she sees as mixed signals by Scott, and questions regarding whether or not he is single.