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// See a description of this behavior using this script. It goes in multiple birds or other animal Whale global movement script.This moves a fish ( or a whale) in a circular pattern with a inner circle.Click on "Save" button and close the script window.// // Drag and drop the object called Archipelis Base you created at step 4 (it is in "My Inventory Objects".This script is the 'runtime' engine for the animation effects..You will also need to teach this script with my Prim Animator scripts and a notecard called "Movement" before it will work.

They will follow that spot as an offset from a prim named 'Chaser'.// // Drag and drop all the previously generated images that are now in "My Inventory Textures" into the content of the current object you are editing. Copy the content of the file called "Archipelis Base.txt". If Shared media is not on, this displays an image named "Shared Media" to clue them in that they need to enable it or click it // It also forces the address bar to be minimal, to auto play, and prevent navigation away from this page.Replace the definition of the script by a paste action. // Add this image to the same prim that holds this script: For objects that do not need permissions to be used.You can call this object "Archipelis Rez" but it is not mandatory. Copy the content of the file called "Archipelis Rez.txt".Replace the definition of the script by a paste action.

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//// The HUD positioner is designed to set the HUD into a 'preferred' position whenever it get attached.

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