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My scrapbooks now aren't as journalistic (I think I'm getting lazy...) I definitely want to start writing more in my scrapbooks again!

Besides the journaling, I feel like my scrapbooking skills have improved a lot, these layouts seems slightly boring to me now, but it's kinda fun to look back at how I've started. We have so many beautiful memories and moments together and without this scrapbook, I know I wouldn't remember all of them.

Photo credit: k_is_for_kat Growing Up You can't go wrong with a classic family photo album.

Document how much your kids have grown (don't forget the embarrassing baby photos) so your family can revisit them decades to come.

When I was done with all the pages, I put our scrapbook in page protector sheets and put it all in a 3-ring binder with a front that you could slide a cover in.

I decorated the cover as manly as I could and left a spot for a picture of us - that I took on our anniversary date, asked Kevin to stop at Walgreens on the way back where I printed the picture, and then stuck it on right before I gave it to him! I wrote at lot, which took forever, but I am so glad I did!

There are ideas for every type of photo album including vacation memories, weddings and even an album for your pet! With inspiration in hand, browse our dozens of photo book options to find the best album that captures your memories.Instructions: Click through the buttons below to sort types of photo books. My Furry Friend If your family consists of you and your pet, don't shy away from celebrating your favorite furry friend.Re-create favorite moments with an at-home photo shoot.Mondays were the best for scrapbooking, because I could leave everything out on the floor because there were no visiting hours!He had no idea it was coming - which is impressive because I'm really bad at keeping secrets!

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Photo credit: cuckoo4design Bedtime Stories Get your little one into the bedtime routine with a custom storybook.

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