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As Sam Yagan, the CEO of says: "Dating is a data game."My experience has taught me any stigma attached to online dating has virtually evaporated.None of my friends was in the slightest perturbed by my online machinations.

In Britain, some one in four couples claim to have met online.

As Brett Harding of Lovestruck puts it: "We've changed.

We are no longer willing to put in the legwork in meeting someone.

There is even a name for this mindset: FOMO, the "fear of missing out".

Ultimately this degrades our interactions with each other. Industry insiders report that users are increasingly accessing their sites via mobile apps as the computer gives way to the smartphone.

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[Serious] Given the enormous success and influence the World of Warcraft has had on the gaming world as well as the world at large, I am genuinely curious: what would a successful World of Peacecraft look like?

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