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Here’s some suggestions: Again you want to invent an interesting Alter Ego so pick a job and life goals that are interesting!Anything exciting will do – King Pin, Astronaut, dream of having 9 kids, or being a pro busker are great!Start by thinking of a few unique characters you like from movies.This will give you a lot of creative flavour to play with. if you choose Jack Sparrow you Acting in character all night can be a challenge but dressing for the occasion makes you more convincing and gives a mojo boost.If you suddenly feel hot, it’s probably not because someone turned the air conditioning off…☺If its going well take advantage of the butterflies in your stomach and head somewhere for sex like you’ve never done it (literally – you should totally come with a new game plan!Simply be creative and choose a different Alter Ego!

You may even find changes you want to make to your normal selves!This allows allows you both time to prep for the date.When it’s almost time to go take one final look at yourself in the mirror, maybe even exercise some pick-up lines or prepare some conversation material.Next write down 2-3 things you like about each – perhaps their chilled vibe, artistic attitude, or alpha-male charisma. I’m using Johnny Depp from The Tourist as an example since I love his creative-weird persona and it gives me plenty of room to be a little different. You can be totally frugal and borrow a mates clothes or hit up a thrift shop to get a new outfit.Try to change as many elements as possible, to really bring the freshness of the new you to the surface.

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