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Rachel says that the part that bothered her the most earlier was not the fact that he had had sex with another woman, but the fact that he had lied so many times to cover it up.

Taub later talks to Thirteen who advises him to let himself go and enjoy the part of him that wants to have sex with more women.

Wilson talks to House and accuses him of ruining his relationship with Sam.

House, while telling him that he is sorry, denies that his actions had any effect, claiming that if his tiny disturbances have destroyed the relationship, it would have crumbled anyway.

Taub has dinner with his wife, Rachel, who becomes suspicious when he casually mentions that his current patient is in an open marriage.

Her first thought is that he is cheating on her (again), partly due to the recent night that he spent away from home (doing the diagnostic test).

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They wish they had this argument many years ago, believing it would have saved their marriage.

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