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On a daily basis, most of these women are hit on by a bunch of local men trying to impress them.The culture here is more about striking up a conversation and buying them a cup of coffee, hoping that things shall move ahead quickly.Latvia is a small country which is located in the Northern part of the continent of Europe.Apart from being the capital city of the country of Latvia, Riga is also the largest city in the country as well.They would rather prefer it if a decent man came and approached them.Therefore, while approaching women in Riga, don’t be too macho, be the sweet loving and caring guy from next door and start a conversation politely.

The chances of picking up women in the city of Riga are excellent.On similar lines, most of these women used to dress differently but with the younger generations mingling well with the immigrants there has been a huge cultural change and right from how the young girls dress to their style of interaction, all of it has undergone a drastic change.The women of the city of Riga have a very nice attitude.While many of them might be weak in English, they manage to string up a few basic sentences together.Now all one needs to do is play their cards well and you shall get lucky.

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