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When Q exports a table or chart to Power Point and Excel it scans the documents to see if the code is contained within the document and, if it is found, the option of updating is provided.

This updating mechanism is relatively robust and can be used to update a document from multiple Q projects and also to update multiple different documents from a single Q project.

When charts and tables are exported form Q to Power Point this invisible code is hidden in the exported objects. Activate Dim Chart Data As Object Set Chart Data = Create Object("Excel. Visible = True ' The line below has the run-time error '438' Chart Data. I've tried resizing my selection so that I am copying 4 cells and pasting 4 cells and that didn't work either. I added the MS excel reference, made your suggested changes to xlapp and reworked the pasting in to the embedded excel. I've tried different methods of pasting and I still get an error. Revised code: Sub Editembeddedworksheet() Dim xl App As Object Dim xl Work Book As Object Dim my Chart As Chart Dim my Chart Data As Chart Data Dim wb As Excel. Worksheet ' Copy Weekly Data Set xl App = Create Object("Excel. However I don't have access to this particular workaround anymore.The update properties for linked data files in Power Point are set to manual and update automatically is unchecked.

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