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Student programs and campus engagement efforts include a green office certification program, green living training for all RAs and student mentors, an annual sustainability film festival, and a program where students can get free drying racks, CFL light bulbs, and compost buckets.With a change to self-operated dining, the college was able to increase sustainable food purchases and became the first liberal arts college to receive Marine Stewardship Council certification.All existing buildings are regularly retrofitted to improve energy efficiency in lighting, HVAC and other building systems, and the college's new Sontag and Pomona Residence Halls are LEED Platinum.Pomona’s Environmental Analysis Program incorporates sustainability across the curriculum by offering eleven concentrations in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

At Pomona College in Claremont, you can get “an academically rigorous education” in a “low-stress California atmosphere.” At this prestigious liberal arts school, “The professors are, for the most part, fantastic—engaging, creative, and sharp,” and “all classes are taught by professors, not grad students or TAs.” With small class sizes in every department, “there is an emphasis on collaborative learning,” and “many professors are great discussion leaders and really motivate students to get involved in class.” Students have the advantage of “getting to know professors outside the classroom, in any setting, from office hours, to Thanksgiving dinner at their homes.” Illustrating how personal the experience can be, a student tells us, “Today, I had a class with seven people in it, then lunch with a physics professor, and then a personal tutorial with a philosophy professor.” Another student adds, “Between department barbecues, parties, and weekend retreats, by the time you’re an upperclassman, you will know most of the professors in your major department quite well.” In complement to the intimate academic atmosphere, Pomona “offers the resources of a large university” through the Claremont College consortium, which offers joint events and cross-registration with four adjoining colleges.Together, they work on diverse projects ranging from dorm energy use competitions to running a campus bike shop and bike exchange.For students seeking to continue their sustainability work after graduation, the college’s Career Development Office offers special green sector programming during Career Week.However despite the number of offerings, many students list the Career Office as an area that “could definitely be better” and say that the school needs “more resources for internships and career development.” On the other hand, several students cite their professors as a helpful resource to “get the internships and jobs that we want or need for our desired careers,” and more than 200 students conduct mentored research, with a stipend, each summer.Overall, students say that Pomona provides “a diverse education that will prepare students for whatever they choose to do afterward” and out of alumni visiting Pay Scale.com, 46 percent report that they derive meaning from their career.

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The college has had an environmental policy since 2003, when strict environmental standards for new construction on campus were first implemented.

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