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He motioned to my best friend, “So you sister told me that you’re a journalist.I really see the resemblance in you two.” I hold back a chuckle and take the compliment like a free sample at Costco: not enough to satisfy me, but just the right amount to keep me going. attend a Valentine’s Day-themed speed dating event.So, that was truly the confidence boost I needed before walking into a bar full of over 80 strangers, half of whom I would have to spend three minutes conversing with. “Yeah screw it, let’s do the damn thing," Pamela says.That’s going to be a high-risk pregnancy.”I wasn’t expecting to find true love tonight, but I also wasn’t anticipating having my biological clock front and center either.Since an open palm slap would probably be frowned upon and may or may not result in Pamela needing to bail me out from a significantly more inviting holding cell, I put on my best resting b*tch face and nodded for the remainder of our time.

I want something worth rushing through an airport for, something you want to scream from the rooftops. The first person I speak to is an IT manager from Brooklyn with sweaty hands and a kind smile. Just as I was beginning to hear about the perils of managing a company’s computer network, the bell rings and we have to part ways.

Before the event begins, I catch up with Amy Van Doran, the CEO and Founder of the matchmaking service Modern Love Club to prepare myself for the evening.

“Online isn’t doing well," she tells me in a phone interview. Online dating works for some people, but the basis of it is chemistry.

The next day, we will be able to log onto the website and select the names of the dates we felt we had a genuine connection with.

If they selected us back, we will be sent their contact info to continue the conversation. Tonight’s event was set up specifically for straight people, however in my search of speed dating events in Manhattan, I found several companies that are geared specifically towards the LGBTQ community, such as Queer Speed Dating.

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The majority of men attending the event were in their mid to late 30s, looking for something serious, and fast.

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  2. The poor dear actually believes he really loves her…just like you did. You see, creating an illusion of happiness is a narcissist’s favorite form of post-breakup damage control.

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