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There was magic designed to win card games, to play unknown instruments, to become invisible, to win somebody's love, to gain immunity in war, to make children sleep …

Eradicating these practices was a necessary condition for the capitalist rationalization of work, since magic appeared as an illicit form of power and an instrument , that is, a refusal of work in action …

The “age of reason” chased out magic, queer, female, and animistic lifestyles, just as, in Foucault’s analysis, it excluded madness.

Foucault showed how madness was targeted by police measures, which criminalized it along with other forms of workless life.

Among them are stories of: Lenin deceiving the police officer who came for a home inspection, In these Soviet legends, the leader is always portrayed as positive and gentle, whereas post-Soviet texts represent him as a negative or extremely ambiguous figure.

One recent essay of this latter kind suggests that Lenin’s ancestors came from Western Europe, more specifically from Germany.

However, this has not always been the condition of our bodily existence.

Given the number of people massacred for this “crime” from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, this story might very well be true.

As Federici explains, A variety of practices were designed to appropriate the secrets of nature and bend its powers to the human will.

From palmistry to divination, from the use of charms to sympathetic healing, magic opened a vast number of possibilities.

Federici adheres to this Foucauldian approach of uncovering the genealogy of power, placing greater emphasis on it than conventional Marxist and feminist analyses.

She states that witches do not work either; they are engaged in alternative activities, and this is their main crime against the bourgeois order.

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These notes are conditioned by my personal experience of being a child who was so scared of the dark that the only way to overcome the horror was to let myself be fully absorbed by this darkness, to identify with it.

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