On dating sites what to say in a message

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This has to be the single most parroted piece of texting advice out there. I suggest a different approach (see linked post, and/or read on). Certainly not bad advice and useful to remember in all walks of life.

But with the following guide, you should come as close as possible, all things being equal. And what if their bio is empty, and there is nothing outlandishly interesting going on in their pictures?

You can find a lot of advice on this subject, and probably you have already read a good part of it, seeing as it can get a bit repetitive. It’s what everybody tells everybody to do, and people with lots of matches (so probably the matches you’re most excited by) have surely been complimented on their cute pet, or read “Oh hey, you’re into [not all that obscure band] too? Should you really resort to complimenting the beach they’re standing in front of, asking where it was and how they liked that vacation, just so you can reference something?

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