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Not Taking The Lead: It's in the male energy to be the leader. When you ask her what she'd like to do on your first date? Most men behave this way not because of modern times, when it's totally okay for women to ask guys out and pay for themselves, but rather because they are coming from fear; they don't want to give too much, show their interest, take responsibility.10.

In the very beginning, it's all about being light and seeing how you feel in each other's presence.

When I was in Iran it was barely allowed to shake a man's hand in public.

If you live in Western country, however, you've probably have more freedom. Many men will avoid touching a woman for a way too long time.

Invite you over when they have a mattress on the floor instead of a bed. What we want to do tonight is be taken out without having to figure out where we're going or what we're doing. I'm not a rocket scientist but that's basically a dead giveaway that it's not, like, your mom. Say you look "fine" when you ask them how you look.

What, in case your friend sends you a Snapchat of his dadbod? When you ask them who they're texting, they say "nobody" and try to hide their phone.

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