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Kharkov`s climate is moderate continental: cold and snowy winters, and hot summers.The seasonal average temperatures are not too cold in winter, not too hot in summer (-6.9 C in January, and 20.3 C in July).The gallery of the ladies is kept up-to-date, so as soon as a woman becomes unavailable – her profile is removed.There are new Ukrainian girls who join the agency all the time, the most recent members can be found in the “New Ladies” section of our web site. It was the first capital of Soviet Ukraine, now the administrative center of the Kharkov Oblast (province), as well as the administrative centre of the surrounding Kharkovskyi Raion (district) within the oblast.

It is important to mention, for starters, that it is the second largest city of the great eastern country, Ukraine.

Another important classification is that it is believed to be the city with the most beautiful signle Ukrainian women for dating of all the places in that country. It means that young girls move there in order to obtain their degrees, then remain because they are already building a life there.

This could very well be because of the high number of universities that are located there. It is a very young city and the large population makes it so that you have a wide array of choices.

Historically, Kharkov lies in the Sloboda Ukraine region (Slobozhanshchyna also known as Slobidshchyna), in which it is considered the main city.

The city rests at the confluence of the Kharkov, Lopan, and Udy Rivers, where they flow into the Northern Donets watershed.

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